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We are excited to announced that Liz Murray will be the Sunday keynote speaker at this year's NAIFA Performance + Purpose Conference. The child of drug-addicted parents, Liz Murray found herself homeless at the young age of 15. Resolving not to be defined by her circumstances, Liz recognized  that education was a key to a new way of life. She earned her high school diploma in just two years and won a scholarship to Harvard University that would turn her grim circumstances into a future filled with endless possibility. The subject of Lifetime Television’s Emmy-nominated original film, Homeless to Harvard, Murray graduated from Harvard in 2009, and went on to receive her Masters in the Psychology of Education at Columbia University. Today Liz serves as co-founder and Executive Director of The Arthur Project.  She is a passionate advocate for under served youth, working to end generational poverty through relationship-based learning. 

With sincerity, maturity and graciousness, Liz Murray will take us along on her personal journey from street smarts to classroom successes, and will inspire everyone in the room to overcome their own obstacles.