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Explore You.

This year's conference is focused on you-how you'll grow, how you will improve and how you will adapt to the changing times. Each speaker and topic is selected to get you thinking about how to approach challenges from a new frame of reference so that you can thrive.
David McKnight, Keynote
One of the keynote speakers is none other than David McKnight who will talk to us about his new book, explain the theory of the Power of Zero and stay for discussion and a book signing.



power of zero
Who is the person in front of you? Are you taking the time to find out, or are you already onto the next thing? Curious people want to know who the real person is--what motivates them, where the commonalities lie, where they have gaps and can learn from one another. NAIFA is being reborn in the spirit of curiosity and exploration of what we can be together. I personally invite you to come to the Career Advancement Conference to take this time for yourself to meet new people, learn new practices and best of all, explore your potential. 

Jill Judd State Farm & Proud NAIFA Member